Which Bathroom Tiles are Best?

2017 07 26

Choosing your bathroom tiles requires a lot of attention. Due to the moisture in the room you want to ensure you are choosing a tile that will be long-lasting and durable because not all types can handle water spots. This means you must be informed about the benefits of each types of tile and the reasons why you should choose a certain tile. Follow these guidelines in order to select the tile best suited for your bathroom!

Which Bathroom Tiles Should You Choose?

When it comes to choosing bathroom backsplash tiles, the most common choice is glass tiles. Glass tiles are piece of glass that are cut to accommodate the desired shape and size. They are often selected for backsplashes because they are longer lasting and easy to maintain.

For bathroom floor tiles, a great choice would be porcelain tiles because they are water resistant and help with drainage. Porcelain tiles are also ideal because the tiles are designed smaller and denser to avoid damage. They are made similarly to ceramic tiles - another popular choice - but are less prone to moisture and are crafted with a stronger hold.

Marble tiles are always a great choice when renovating your bathroom. The natural stone is created from limestone and is crushed and heated to create an elegant design. The tiles are water and bacteria resistant, which is exactly what you look for when preparing for a bathroom renovation.

Why Does this all Matter?

Picking a tile that is better suited for your bathroom is exceptionally important for your indoor living space. You want the least amount of dirt and bacteria collected within your home to ensure it remains safe and sanitary. Although it is encouraged to pick specific tile products for your bathroom, this does not mean you will be limited when it comes to design. All of these tiles are available in a wide assortment of colours, patterns and styles. Trini Tile in Vaughan provides many bathroom tiles including porcelain tiles and glass tiles, so you are able to get one step closer to the bathroom of your dreams.

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