Room Design

Backsplash Tiles

Select from our wall tile collections with glossy or matte finish, single tints or decorated, and finish any space with style and personality.

Bathroom Tiles

Floral and geometrical decors, romantic or simplistic designs to satisfy different tastes and create unique and personalized bathrooms.

Fireplace Tiles

Transform your fireplace into the focal point of the room with our wide selection of fireplace tiles. Make a statement by selecting from an extensive choice of tiles including mosaic and ceramic options.

Floor Tiles

Whether you prefer modern or traditional, we perfectly combine colours and textures, creating functional and comfortable spaces.

Kitchen Tiles

Whether you like modern, traditional or country-style designs, we have floor and wall tiles to suit your preferences.

Outdoor Tiles

Our porcelain stoneware collections are perfect for outdoor spaces requiring the highest technical performance and anti-slip resistance.

Shower Tiles

Whether you are installing a tile floor or a shower wall, we have a variety of quality tiles for your new shower. Ideas for a traditional bathroom with a curbless shower, white tile, subway tile or mosaic tile floors.

Wall Tiles

Any wall in your home can be customized with a glossy or satin finish, with single tints or even decorated. Finish off any space with your own style and individuality.

Trini Tile Conversion Tracker