Porcelain Tiles

Imported from our finest suppliers, porcelain tiles are clays and minerals that are manufactured at high temperatures. This further causes a hard glaze that produces a durable texture that creates the final product – a stylized and beautiful porcelain tile. Porcelain tiles are much stronger and less prone to moisture and stain absorption allowing installation inside or outside your home. In our store, you can find a wide selection of porcelain tiles for your kitchen or bathroom, with the quality and style that your home deserves.

Advantages of using Porcelain Tiles:

  • No maintenance required for tile protection
  • Manufactured in an eco-friendly manner (natural raw materials)
  • Extremely resilient, durable and long lasting than other types of tiles
  • Less prone to moisture absorbing – ensuring no tile cracking during colder climates that can cause freezing
  • Available in many styles, patterns and colours
Porcelain Tiles
Keope Grani Bardiglio D. Grey
Keope Kore Grey
Cedir SNM 06 TV8 Grigio
Cedir BRL 23 Dec 1B Deco B. Dorato
Beige Glazed Porcelain Tiles
Keope Grani Pietra Di Serena Grey
Broadway Nut
Cedir SNM 10 TV8 Perla
Cedir BRL 02 Brilli Avorio
Glazed Porcelain Stoneware
Keope Grani Ramello Rose
Broadway Rust
Cedir IND 19 TZ Desert Sand & Insert 11A
Cedir BRL 23 Brili Bruno Dorato
Porcelain Tiles
Keope Grani Siderite Brown
Broadway Graphite
Cedir IND 31 Autumn Rust
Cedir TRN 06 Cenere
Porcelain Tiles
Keope Pietra Naxos White
Camp. Versilia Pure Polished
Cedir SNM 03 TZ11 Beige
Cedir TRN 19 Sabbia
Porcelain Tiles
Pietra K. Dorata Gold
Camp. Versilia Pure Polished
Cedir SNM 06 TZ11 Grigio
Cedir SNM 03 Beige
Keope Arenaria Lt.Coffee
Pietra K.Cogne Grey
Cedir IND38 TV8 Multicolor
Cedir SNM 10 TZ11 Perla
Cedir VZA 02 Ivory (Nat)
Keope Grani Porfido Beige
Keope Pietra Selce Beige
Cedir IND38 TV8 Multicolor
Cedir BRL 02 Brilli Avorio & Dec 2B Class Avorio
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