Ceramic Tiles

With our large variety of ceramic tiles, you can find the ideal style and texture that works best for you at our incredibly low prices. Ceramic tiles are a popular choice amongst many consumers due to their incredible durability and ease of maintenance, not to mention their incredible beauty! Ceramic tiles are an excellent choice for shower floors, kitchens, and bathrooms because of their moisture and temperature resistant abilities that allow them to be the most suitable tile for almost any area in your home. Whether it be for a small home renovation or a big commercial project, we promise you will find an unbeatable selection of ceramic tiles at Trini Tile for a discount price, located in Vaughan, Ontario.

Advantages of Ceramic Tiles:

  • Durable and moisture resistant
  • Able to withstand chemical erosions with acid and alkali-resistant features
  • Available in a wide selection of patterns, shapes, colours, textures and styles
  • Long lasting and easy to maintain
Monaco MN 1016 Taupe
Cedir BRL 23 Dec 25A
Inter Versailles Trainon Creme Matte
Mosaic Border Monaco 8316 Taupe
Hart Beige Glossy (OW021)
RK Extra Light Grey (723)
Inter Habitat Maroon
Retro Dark Grey
Smot White Grey Wall Decor
Uni. White Glossy
Hart Antigua Avorio
Reality Brown
L.Penne G. Listello 2x10
Inter Habitat Grey Velvet
Habitat Beige Listello 2.5x8
Origine Arancio
Cedir BRL 43 Dec 1B
Inter Desert Cadir
Mosaic Border Monaco 8318 Walnut
FAP Brooklyn Sky Brill
RK Extra White Beige (719)
Inter Habitat Oyster
Retro White
Spa White Glossy (Bath Floor & Wall )
Warm Grey Glossy (603)
Hart Stardust Beige
Uffizzi Azzurro
Moka Torello
Inter Habitat Ebony
Habitat Avorio Listello 2.5x8
Rocca Ant. Cas. Ocra
Cedir BRL 43 Dec 2B
Inter Desert Thar
RK 6022 Universal Grey Glossy
FAP Brooklyn Snow Brill
RK Extra White Grey (722)
Inter Habitat Graphite
RMD Beige Dune Brill
Strata Bianco
White Glossy (4500)
Hart Pixel Nero
Inter Aquarelle Naples Ivory
Nero Torello
RM Statuario Esagona
TRI 19 17B 3x10
Rocca Ant. Cas. Siena
Paul PRY 250 Nero Marquina
Inter Recife (BRZ) Nocce
RK 6023 Universal Beige Glossy
Concept Neve Luc
Geo. Africa Luc
MH125 Carrara Matte
RMD Calacatta Brill 10x30
Strata Graphite
White Glossy (75150)
Hart Pixel Moka
Inter Aquarelle Shadow Grey
Kimono B-T Mix Fascia
Bianco Spino Listello 2.5x8
TRI 22 17B
Rocca Ant. Cas. Tabacco
Paul PRY 300 Royal Marfil
Inter Venus Brown
RK 6024 Universal Grey Matte
Concept Plus (010) Grey Glossy
Geo. Greolandia Luc
MH325 Crema Matte
RMD Nero Reale Brill
Strata Grigio
White Glossy
Hart Mathera Beige
Strati Beige Fascia
Kimono G-B Mix Fascia
3837 Stone Listello 2.5x10
Gemme 12/8 Glossy 5x13
Inter Re Plain Perla
Cedir OIN 24 RT Verde LP
Paul PRY 400 Royal Travertino
Inter Venus Ivory
RK 6038 Marmo Grey Beige
Concept Plus (011) Dark Grey Glossy
Glossy Black
Naturale Grigio
Smot Grey ( Wall & Floor )
Uni Beige Glossy
White Glossy
Hart.EU Habitant Beige
Strati Desag CR nero Fascia
L.Kimono 10B List 4x20
Moderna Marrone Listello 2.5x10
Cloudy Bluette
Hart.CH Monaco M/C 115A
Cedir BRL 02 Dec 2B Class Avorio
Inter Versailles Chesnay Grey Brill.
Paul PRY 903 Nero Marquina
Inter Aquarelle Naples Ivory
Concept Plus (012) Light Grey Glossy
Grey Glossy (OW031)
Naturale Nero
Smot White ( Wall & Floor )
Uni Grey Glossy
White Matte
Hart.EU Magellano Oro
Strati Grigio Fascia
L.Kimono 10 List 4x20
Moderna Antracite Listello 2.5x10
Flavia Brown Border 2x10
Monaco MC 116A
Cedir BRL 23 Dec 2B Deco B. Dorato
Inter Versailles Foret Brun Brill.
Cedir IND 22 Harvest Sunset
Hart Beige Glossy (4501)
RK Extra Dark Grey (724)
Inter Habitat Canvas
Retro Black
Smot White Grey Mosaico
Uni. Beige Glossy
White Matte
Picasso Bianco
L.Penne B. Listello 2x10
L.Kimono 10G List
Med Sugar 3x12
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