3 Tips for Pairing Tiles

2019 05 21

Two is better than one. At Trini Tile, you can find the perfect pairing of imported Italian tiles and get inspired to upgrade a room in your home. It may seem easier to play it safe and match your floors to the walls, but where’s the fun in that? Installing more than one tile style creates depth and aesthetic. It is important to make sure that when you are installing more than one tile, your home maintains an elegant appearance and doesn’t look tacky. Follow these tips to get a tile match made in heaven!

  1. Balance –It is a good idea to be strategic with your tile pairing because a well-balanced room is more visually appealing to the eye. Selecting too many styles, patterns or textures can throw your room off balance. Trini Tile offers a beautiful collection of tiles that come in a variety of sizes. Often you can select from the same family of tiles to create a polished and well-balanced scheme. For example, you can pair a larger beige tile on your bathroom floor and complement the wall around your sink with small decorative mosaic tiles and use similar and larger tiles for your tub and shower area to balance out the room. https://www.trinitile.com/room-design/bathroom-tiles/
  3. Contrast – Opposites attract and, in this case, contrasting tile designs do too. Trini Tile offers tiles with a glossy finish in your kitchen or bathroom that gives the room style and individuality. Install wall and floor tiles by incorporating geometric shapes, such as diamonds or hexagons, which make a wonderful backsplash in your kitchen or bathroom. Try pairing subway tiles: a natural and simple product in your kitchen with this contrasting look that adds a fresh and modern aesthetic. https://www.trinitile.com/room-design/wall-tiles/
  5. Plain & Pattern – Pairing different types of tiles makes a dramatic and unique statement. Placing plain and patterned tiles together is bold and daring and adds a touch of creativity without throwing everything off balance. Focus primarily on a single pattern; a granite countertop against a solid colour floor tile will be pleasing to the eye.

Another design option to consider is installing granite on your kitchen island and pair the durable stone with taupe porcelain tiles. This combination on your island and floor will create an eye-catching appearance that enhances the whole room. https://www.trinitile.com/products/granite-tiles/


If you are set on one particular product or want to save money, you can choose one tile but some in lighter shades and some in darker shades. You can still achieve the illusion of having more than one tile in a more affordable way. 

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