Mosaic Tiles

At Trini Tile, we offer customers a wide selection of unique mosaic tile products in many shapes, patterns and formats so you have the ability to pick and choose what best fits your home. Mosaic tiles are one of the most distinctive types of tile products due to their long history and the art of arranging coloured pieces of marble, glass and/or other exclusive materials, creating a striking look for your kitchen and bathroom! If you are looking for beautiful mosaic tiles at discount prices, visit Trini Tile in Vaughan today!

Advantages of Mosaic Tiles:

  • One of the most decorative tile products available
  • Easy to maintain and long lasting
  • Water-resistant
  • Available in many styles, patterns and colours
  • Increases perceived resale value at a low cost
Mosaic Purity Onyx Pearl Brick
MB 038A2 Mosaic
Mosaic ( Glass ) V-3231
Mosaic (ABC Marble ) MC 001 Black
Mosaic (Inter) Snowdrift Glossy 1x2
Mosaic (Keenocean Marble & Glass ) Goblin GS 138
Mosaic (Metal) RS 063
Mosaic Cedir VZA 06
Mosaic Glass Z2+Z3+Z4+Z6 Random
Mosaic Inter Versailles Chesnay Grey
Mosaic Leo Shape Pol. Cemento
Mosaic Rocca Riflessi Muschio
MB079G-P Whitewood Basketweave Mosaic
Mosaic Four Seasons (One) Autumn
Mosaic Glass Majic Box Checker
Mosaic Metal RZS 040
Mosaic Smot White Matte
Smot Grey Mosaic Matte
SA-64 B Penny Round Azzurre
SD-47 B (Y) Glass & Tile
Cedir CSB 27 27A 2x10
Cedir SAS 06 57A 3x10
Moasic PLG 008 Absolute Black & Glass Round
Mosaic ( Glass ) V-6545
Mosaic (ABC Marble Glass ) MD 020A2P
Mosaic (Inter ) Storm Glossy 1x1
Mosaic (Keenocean Marble & Glass) Impala (Brown)
Mosaic (Metal) RZ 30372
Mosaic Cedir VZA 99
Mosaic Gotha Lux (Diamond Intreccio Platinum)
Mosaic Inter White Matte
Mosaic Leo Shape Side BG 36L
Mosaic S.S. Black Polished
Mosaic ( ABC Stone ) MB079A-P
Mosaic Four Seasons (One) Four Seasons
Mosaic Glass MFZS -12
Mosaic PLSS Dark Grey Matte
Mosaic Purity Onyx Pearl Matte
Mosaic Stone Beige Hexagon
RMD Beige Dune Macro Mosaic Polished
SA-64 Oval Azzurre Glass
SB-47T Oval Multicolour Glass
Cedir CSB 27 37A 4x10
Cosco Beach
Mosaic ( Glass )  V-5647
Mosaic ( Glass ) V-6967
Mosaic (ABC Stone ) MC 002
Mosaic (Inter ) Versailles Foret Brune
Mosaic (Keenocean Marble & Glass) King Kong
Mosaic (Metal) RZS 047
Mosaic Faro Arredo Antracite
Mosaic Gotha Lux (Platinum Intreccio Diamond)
Mosaic Leo Shape Matte BI
Mosaic Leo Shape Side GR 36L
Mosaic Side JX White 6.5x24
Mosaic (ABC Marble & Glass ) MD 017A
Mosaic Four Seasons (One) Oasis
Mosaic Glass MFZS-10
Mosaic PLSS Lte.Grey Matte
Mosaic Purity Pure White Brick
Mosaic Super Epika Pearl Losanga DEK
RMD Bianco Carrara Macro Mosaic Polished
Stone Collection Beige Mosaic Hexagon
SA-64 Square Azzurre Glass
Cedir FLM 02 57A 2x10
OIN 22 Oro Muretto
Mosaic ( Glass ) B56 Mosaic
Mosaic ( Inter) Shimmer Midnight Glossy
Mosaic (ABC Stone) MC 004
Mosaic (Inter) Artic Blend Glossy 1x2
Mosaic (Keenocean Marble & Glass Believe) GS 135A
Mosaic Candy Taupe JIP-B05
Mosaic Faro Arredo Argento
Mosaic Gotha Lux (Quartz Intreccio Gold)
Mosaic Leo Shape BG W30
Mosaic Leo Shape Side MU 36L
Mosaic Stone MB 003R6
MB022J2-AP Lite Grey Wood 1x3 Herringbone Mosaic
Mosaic (ABC Stone ) Lite Greywood (MC048D3-PR) Linear
Mosaic Four Seasons (One) Snow
Mosaic Gotha Diamond Matte
Mosaic PLSS White Matte
Mosaic Purity Statuario Matte
Mosaic Super Epika Shell Matte
RMD Calacatta Macro Mosaic Pol.
Stone Collection Lte.Grey Mosaic Hex
SD-91 B (B) Glass & Tile
Mosaic ( Metal ) RZS 040 Mosaic
Cedir FLM 02 67A 3x10
OIN 24 Verde
Mosaic ( Glass ) V-1811
Mosaic ( Metal ) RS 055
Mosaic (Glass ) A12 Mosaic
Mosaic (Inter) Beach Glossy 1x2
Mosaic (Keenocean Marble & Glass) Bygone GS136A
Mosaic Candy White
Mosaic Faro Arredo Bianco
Mosaic Hart. Flavia Brown
Mosaic Leo Shape Matte BI W30
Mosaic Metal RZS 033
FAP Brooklyn Penny Round Carbon
MB067B3-AP Thassos White 2” Hex Mosaic
Mosaic (ABC Stone ) MB079E-P
Mosaic Four Seasons SP8 Snow
Mosaic Gotha Lux ( Diamond)
Mosaic Purity Calacatta Brick
Mosaic RMD Beige Dune Macro Polished
Mosaic Super Epika Pearl Matte
RMD Statuario Macro Mosaic Pol.
Travertino Momento Bianco Matte Mosaic
SD-91 T Oval Gold Glass
Cedir CSB 04 27A 2x10
Cedir FLM 06 57A 2x10
Idro Beige
Mosaic Camp. Versilia Pure 4” Hexagon Matte
Mosaic ( Glass ) V-1814
Mosaic (ABC Marble & Glass) MD 027E
Mosaic (Glass ) B59 Mosaic
Mosaic (Inter) Shimmer Frost Blend
Mosaic (Keenocean Marble & Glass) Pure Water GS 125
Mosaic Cedir  OIN 00L Muretto Bianco
Mosaic Faro Arredo Grigio
Mosaic Hart. Flavia Mix
Mosaic Leo Shape Matte CE
Mosaic Purity Lux (Calacatta Intreccio)
FAP Brooklyn Penny Round Sand
MB067B3-BP Aristone White 2” HEX
Mosaic (ABC Stone ) MC 048D3 Lite Greywood
Mosaic Glass & Marble JGEL 8207
Mosaic Gotha Platinum Matte
Mosaic Purity Calacatta Matte
Mosaic RMD Macro Calacatta Pol.
Mosaic Super Epika Shell Losonga DEK
S.S Grey Polished Mosaic
Travertino Momento Grigio Matte Mosaic
SD-91 Square Gold Glass
Cedir CSB 04 37A 4x10
Cedir FLM 06 67A 3x10
Piemme Acciaio
Mosaic ( Glass ) V-2855
Mosaic (ABC Marble ) - MP 114P Black & White
Mosaic ( Glass ) A06
Mosaic (Inter) Shimmer Pewter Glossy
Mosaic (Keenocean) Super White
Mosaic Cedir OIN 00L Muretto
Mosaic Faro PA Torba
Mosaic Inter Black Matte
Mosaic Leo Shape Matte MU W30
Mosaic Purity Lux (Statuario Intreccio )
FAP Brooklyn Penny Round Sky
MB079A-P Carrara & Nero Basketweave Mosaic
Mosaic (Metal & Stone ) YTG-018
Mosaic Glass & Marble JGEL 8212
Mosaic Gotha Quartz Matte
Mosaic Purity Lasa Brick
Mosaic RMD Macro Carrara Polished
Mosaics Purity Pure White Matte
S.S. Black Polished Mosaic
Travertino Momento Intreccio Bianco LP Mosaic
SD 91 B Penny Round Glass
Cedir CSB 06 27A 2x10
Cedir FLM 19 67A 3x10
Leo Terrace Fascia
Mosaic (ABC Marble ) MB 003E
Mosaic (Inter) Moon Glossy 2x2
Mosaic (Inter) Smoke Glossy 1x1
Mosaic (Metal) RMS 703
Mosaic Cedir OIN 09L Muretto Nero
Mosaic Faro Palazzo Carrara Matte
Mosaic Inter Grey Matte
Mosaic Leo Shape Matte NE W30
Mosaic Rocca Riflessi Inchiostro
FAP Brooklyn Penny Round Snow
MB079E-P Greystone & Black Basketweave
Mosaic Four Season SP8 Sand
Mosaic Glass Botticino Checker
Mosaic Metal & Stone YGT008
Mosaic Purity Lasa Matte
Mosaic RMD Macro Statuario Pol.
Mosaics Purity Statuario Brick
S.S. White Polished Mosaic
Travertino Momento Intreccio Grigio LP Mosaic
SD-100 B (B) Glass & tile
Cedir CSB 06 37A 4x10
Cedir SAS 02 57A Avorio 3x10
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