Marble Tiles

As a very popular metamorphic stone, marble tiles express beauty in many forms. Their highly-polished surfaces, durability and attractive patterns make them an excellent selection. As a soft stone, marble tiles ideally work for formal or lightly used floors. Because of its natural beauty, marble is more commonly used in the kitchen and on bathroom countertop and tiles. No matter what colour, texture or pattern you choose, incorporating marble in your home is an excellent selection for an overall luxurious look. Find a wide variety of marble that will showcase a unique and appealing appearance at a discount price in Vaughan, only at Trini Tile!

Advantages of using Marble Tiles:

  • The design patterns are exquisite and available at a lower price point
  • Extremely durable tiles that bring additional value to your home
  • Water and bacteria resistant
  • Available in many styles, patterns and colours
Damus Bottocino Marble
Inter Crema Marfil Marble
Cloudy Bluette Marble
Marble Bardigilio Nuvo Lato
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