Your Guide to Outdoor Tiles

2021 04 19

Trini Tile bringing paradise home to you. Create an outdoor living space that is comfortable, stylish and durable. Patios are an extension of your home; an area to cook, play and lounge. Before you can begin setting up your backyard getaway, you must install the floor. Trini Tile offers a variety of outdoor tiles for your patio in different colours, types and with features such as slip resistance.

To start, ask yourself these three questions:

  1. What is your budget?

    Take into consideration the many aspects that go into tiling your yard, before making a purchase. The size of your yard can have an impact on how much you need to spend, because larger spaces will need more tiles, which evidently, will cost more.
  2. What is your style?

    Does your home have more dark or light shades? You want the tiles to complement your home and that includes choosing a tile that does not clash with your home’s overall aesthetic.
  3. Where are you installing the tiles?

    Location is important. Having dark colours where you get a lot of sunlight may be too coarse and hard on the eyes. Also, darker shades absorb sunlight, so the surface will be extremely hot and unpleasant to walk on. Similarly, light colours in a sunny spot may appear faded. \

    For your yard, we recommend long-lasting tiles that can withstand harsh weather conditions. Here are popular product choices that are best suited for outside:

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To comply with the COVID-19 stay-at-home order, Trini Tile is following all government restrictions to protect all of its staff and customers. Curbside pickup and delivery are available at your convenience. Contact a sales representative at 905.532.9123.

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