Why Pet Owners Should Build Their Own Dog Shower

2021 05 20

It’s bath time! Built-in dog showers are trending right now. If you want to maintain a clean and organized living space, having a designated area for your pup to wash up can go a long way.

Similar to a human stand-up shower, you’re going to want to use tiles to ensure your pets are safe and comfortable. Trini Tile offers discounted tiles in Vaughan that are low maintenance and slip-resistant.

Benefits of a Puppy Shower

Pets, big or small can get very dirty, and fast. While most owners may choose to bathe their pets in their shower or bring them to the groomer, having a dog shower is convenient and practical.

Here are the top 3 reasons why you should consider installing a tiled dog shower:

  1. Better for Your Physical Health
    A stand-up shower for your dog will make it easier for you to bathe them, whether it’s weekly or biweekly. You avoid unnecessary strain on your back and joints from remaining hunched over for a long time.
  2. Little Mess
    This will keep everything contained in a safe and controlled environment. You can insert a hook in the shower to secure your dog’s leash, so they are not moving around while you bathe them. This can also be a great place to store all of your pets’ items, such as soap, toys, accessories.
  3. Your Dog will be Safe
    Everybody’s shower is different. Some have tubs, glass doors or curtains. Although these minor details are fine for humans, a dog may be at risk of injury if they jump out. You can avoid this risk with a shower designed specifically for your furry friend.

Consider glass tiles, as they are commonly used in the bathroom and come in a variety of styles, colours and sizes to match your home aesthetic. Similarly, mosaic tiles are water-resistant, easy to maintain and long-lasting.

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