What is the Perfect Tile for your Kitchen Countertop?

2019 08 22

If you’re looking for ways to add some life to your countertop and brighten up your kitchen, then look no further than some great tile choices from Trini Tile.  It can be overwhelming to walk into a tile shop and see all the different styles and designs without knowing exactly which one is the best but also which one can be used for your countertop. Granite, marble and ceramic just to name a few are high-quality tiles that will look absolutely stunning in your kitchen. Re-vamping your kitchen countertops also adds great value to your home. It can update the look of your kitchen and make it look current.

It’s time for a change! These are some great suggestions which are best utilized for this area in your home.


This is a popular material option due to its unique design, natural patterns and durability. If you are someone who enjoys cooking and needs to use the space on your countertop, then you can be at ease knowing that granite is scratch resistant, heat protective and one of the most durable material on the market. Cook, clean and cater in your kitchen stress-free. Whether you desire a modern or more traditional aesthetic, granite pairs nicely with many different kitchen styles.


Dare to be different with marble. Marble is offered at Trini Tile in a variety of colours and patterns that will make a beautiful statement piece in your kitchen. No two marble slabs are identical, making this product an excellent selection that will add a luxurious touch on top of your counter. Since marble usually has colourful specs within it, if your kitchen cabinets are neutral toned you can accent it with a different shaded island counter. This will complement beautifully.


A more affordable option for your kitchen is ceramic tile. The solid surface leaves a clean and smooth look across your countertop, allowing you to utilize any shape or size you want. With ceramic tiles, there are very little if any limitations and choices. Give yourself a bright and beautiful kitchen with a long – lasting and easy to maintain countertop.


Similar to ceramic, porcelain is another great choice for customizing your kitchen countertop. However, it’s stronger and less prone to moisture making it a great option. The tile is stain – resistant and has a natural gloss allowing it to look luxurious.

The kitchen is the heart of every home, which is why it deserves to be designed and glamourized with Trini Tile’s most remarkable tile products. Gather around the table, sit back and admire your kitchen. For discounted tiles in Vaughan visit Trini Tile at 8400 Jane Street.

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