Top Tile Trends for 2018

2017 11 27

The best way to ensure your home continues to look great and hold its value is to keep it current and on trend. One of the ways in which you can update your home is through tiling. If a renovation is in your new future, consider these helpful hints. While the year is soon coming to an end it is a good idea to know the Dos and Don’ts for tile styles. Whether you renovate your bathroom or kitchen, it is an investment - so make sure you are aware of what’s out there and make the right decisions. Here are some points that will help with your selection.

  1. Get fancy with patterns:
    Patterns add an edgy look to your home and act as a great accent piece to any room. A unique but trendy style is the mermaid pattern, which will be perfect for the bathroom. Also 2018 is seeing some lighter tones creating a soothing appearance. Choose patterns and tones that blend nicely and complement the eye. Achieving a balance of both pattern and colour is something to be considered. Mermaid Pattern Tile
  2. Matte Finishes:
    Going in a different direction than patterned tiles, select a solid matte tile. When light reflects onto the ties there is a soft and polished glow that gives off an overall sophisticated appearance. The benefits of matte are that smudges and water marks will not be evident on the tile giving it a cleaner and fresh appearance. Matte Tile
  3. Geometric tiles:
    Similar to patterned tiles, geometric tiles create an illusion of a larger room. The geometric styles draw in the eye and give visual depth. For example, installing a hexagon or rectangular pattern tile elongates the room while keeping a contemporary style. Geometric Tile
  4. Metallic:
    Add character to a room by installing metallic tones for a rustic but modern aesthetic. If you want to stray away from the traditional tile designs then metallic is the perfect choice, especially for inside your dining room where you can impress your guests. Matellic Tiles
  5. Glazed tiles:
    A glazed tile allows you to choose from a variety of different colours and styles because they are so diverse. Adding a glazed overcoat to your porcelain or ceramic tile protects the products from fading because a layer of liquid glass is placed on top. Glazed tiles are the better choice in terms of efficiency, and appearance. This year, the glossy look is back and ready to be installed into your home. Glazed Tiles

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