Tile Trends you Will FALL For

2018 09 11

The transition from summer to the fall is fast approaching, which means if you are planning a new home renovation project, and you love the natural warm tones of the season, then now is the time to choose autumn colours to add to your décor. Fall is unique because of the variety of colours that are associated with the season. This year we saw a broad range of colour trends for tiles; think peachy pink, earthy mustards and turmeric tones to peacock green, deep navy and rich crimsons.

The changing leaves can easily spark great design inspiration that will change the aesthetic of your home, and in addition, create a warm and comfortable living space.

Read below and consider these Fall Tile Trends:

Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice - Rich tones of orange, turmeric, ochre and mustards are on point when it comes to making a statement with your home décor - install a shade of orange tiles to contrast the countertops with an espresso brown tile. This trend moves toward a more rustic look and feel reminiscent of fall. Try something like this in a sunny kitchen, laundry room or kid’s bathroom.

The More the Merrier - Another option is choosing an assortment of mosaic tiles that includes shades of white, orange, and crimson to mix and match to form a cascade of leaves on a wall or floor.

Browns and Burgundy - You probably would not have thought to add burgundy tiles; when paired with a dark brown the effect gives off a fall-like appearance. The deep undertones that come from a burgundy tile create a look that is cozy and homey.

Natural Delight - When considering natural, earthy tones, realize that this tile colour combination is not only great for fall, but all year round, too. Fall is all about creating a serene, calm and relaxing mood. Try mood colours like light browns, beiges and greys in bathrooms, kitchens and mud rooms.

Elegant + Rustic - Grey and white tones are usually used to create a more elegant and sophisticated finish because of its simplistic, natural, understated style. However, having an accent colour like a red, orange and gold will really make the room stand out and still have that perfect blend of modern and traditional.

Use the fall colour palette to create a more subdued, natural and relaxed mood in sections of your home. Bringing the outdoors in is still on trend and makes for a dynamic yet earthy look. Choose from a selection of Trini Tile’s beautiful fall inspired tiles. For more information on new and discounted tiles in Vaughan, visit our website at www.trinitile.ca or drop by the story today!

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