This Year’s Top Tile Trends

2021 06 16

The versatility of tiles is unmatched with the abundance of materials, shapes, sizes, and colours to choose from. As a result, styling with tiles can be overwhelming. It is important to keep up with trends to avoid investing in a design that is past its time. To help you with your next project, we’ve highlighted the top tile trends of 2021.

Biophilic Tiles

Incorporate biophilic design elements. This trend has to do with bringing nature indoors with a focus on natural and organic materials, typically wood, glass, brick, and stone. Not only does this add textural appeal to your space, but these durable materials last.

Hexagonal Tiles

Large hexagonal tiles are on the rise this year. Typically made from ceramic, hexagonal tiles are trending in monochromatic, multicolour, and patterned styles. This type of tile are perfect as flooring, showers, or as a statement wall in a room.

Modern Subway Tiles

Subway tiles are departing their common role as a kitchen backsplash and emerging as a new trend in flooring and walls. These tiles often offer a vintage look. However, the traditional ceramic subway tiles are getting a refresh this year. Unique arrangements and vibrant pops of colour offer a modern twist on a classic style.

Oversized Tiles

A tile is considered oversized if it is beyond the typical 12x12 size. This type of tile is often used on flooring or walls and, with limited grout lines, it can make spaces look and feel larger. Oversized tiles come in a variety of colours, sizes, and textures so they can be easily adapted to most interior styles.

Whatever the current trends may be, Trini Tile has the tiles and the expertise to help you with your next project. Shop our wide selection of premium imported tiles today, in store or online.

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