Summer Outdoor Tiles - Getting Creative

2018 07 11

Turn up the AC – summer is here! Make the most of the warmer months by spending time outside. Consider transforming your backyard into a summer set-up and entertain friends and family throughout the warmer months. This summer, Trini Tile invites you to add new tiles to your outdoor space because a simple outdoor renovation can go a long way in the overall appearance and value of your home.

Relax in the comfort of your own home this summer and enjoy luxurious amenities literally right outside your door. Here’s how tile décor can enhance your backyard experience with family or with friends:

Pool Tiles:

A pool is the focal point of your backyard. It is the first thing people see once they step outside, so you want to ensure you leave a great impression. There are a variety of tile designs and patterns available, specifically for outdoor areas, but keep in mind that tiling your pool is beneficial for more than just its look.

Whether you decide to tile the inside of your pool or the deck, the tile’s texture makes it more comfortable to walk on compared to brick or stone, especially for families with young children. Trini Tile’s products are known to be slip resistant and absorb moisture, so having tiles will control any chances of injury.

Another benefit for having pool tiles is its durability to withstand weather changes. The pool tile will maintain its form over a long period of time.

Outdoor Shower:

Completing a small outdoor renovation is quick and easy to get done. Nevertheless, something as simple as an outdoor shower increases the value of your home, which is advantageous if you ever choose to sell your house in the future. An outdoor shower offers more than just an additional feature to your backyard - it is also very convenient and reduces usage of indoor facilities, which can keep your home cleaner.

An outdoor shower is a beautiful feature that can spark colour and texture in your backyard, truly making your space an outdoor sanctuary.

Adding an outdoor shower is affordable because not much needs to be done in the installation process. Depending on which tile style you choose, an outdoor shower can be a little addition to your backyard that will simply complement the entire space and enhance décor.

Tiled Firepit:

Summer calls for staying out late at night and hanging around the bonfire. Choose from a selection of Trini Tile’s fireplace tiles to give off the illusion of brick but still project an elegant and clean finish.

Tiled fireplaces are unique in the way they are designed because they present a natural yet modern look – something that you would not get with a wood burning firepit.

TIP: Do not tile inside the firepit because the elevated temperatures will ruin the tile. Doing so will give you complications in the long run and will be very expensive to repair.

Tiles can add colour, texture and enhance the overall look of your backyard. They are easy to maintain, sleek and can complement the natural elements of your backyard. Depending on your style, you can theme the décor to suit your existing outdoor décor.

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