New Tile Design Trends for Summer

2019 06 12

Step into warmer weather with this year’s hottest design trends for the summer. With the new season arriving, it’s time to refresh your home with bright and trendy décor. It’s nothing but sunny skies at Trini Tile and we are offering a beautiful collection of discounted Italian tiles that reflect both traditional and contemporary styles. Our tiles come in a variety of colours and polishes that can easily mirror any theme or look you want. With the right choice, there is no doubt that everything will come together flawlessly.

If you want to achieve a breezy atmosphere both in and out of your home, here’s how:

Colour Ideas:

  • Yellow - Nothing says sunshine more than yellow. Emphasize the use of this colour with pops of soft yellow on throw pillows, placemats or candle holders. This will add an extra bit of sunshine around your home. The gorgeous Crema Marfil polished porcelain tile has creamy undertones and natural aesthetic that will blend nicely with yellow accents. Whether you choose to incorporate this style on your patio deck or kitchen floor, the tiles will certainly last a long time and brighten up the space beautifully.
  • Blue - Imagine jumping into a fresh cold pool on a scorching hot day. Amazing, right? Bring this feeling to life by matching different shades of deep and light blues to create the illusion of a summer getaway by the water. The colour blue is perceived to project calmness, serenity and cleanliness - all things that make being at home enjoyable. Pairing the Nuvola white polished tile against blue accents in your bathroom, combined with glass tiles, creates a compete look.
  • Coral or Rose Gold - Feel the warmth of coral and rose gold in and around your home. This peachy colour palette is best achieved using marble tiles due to the naturally embedded pattern within the stone. Depending on what you choose, you can select a tile that matches this colour scheme. You can also heighten the colour by incorporating coral or rose gold essentials, for example on window blinds.

Additional Pattern Ideas for Summer:

  • Floral - Live in a Hawaiian paradise all summer long with bursts of floral print.
  • Fruity - Pineapples are a staple pattern for summer and the perfect décor option to create a summery environment. There are all kinds of pineapple knickknacks, including lamps, bookends, picture frames and more.
  • Boat Anchors - Sail away with sea inspired décor. This is a great pattern piece to include if you choose to go with blue accents and a white tile.

For more information on creating a summer paradise at home, visit, or come into our shop located in Vaughan at 8400 Jane Street.

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