How to Renovate your Home with Tiles

2017 08 31

The perfect way to create a more stylish look within every room in the home is with the addition of new tiles from Trini Tile. Now is the time to renovate! Trini Tile provides their customers with a variety of tile options in different colours and patterns.

It does not matter which room you choose to renovate - adding tiles to your home always creates a luxurious look. Popular areas in which installing tiles are most suitable would be the bathroom, kitchen and living room. These areas are usually the most visited rooms in the home, so why not make them the most beautiful rooms as well!

Below are just a few of the many areas in your home perfect for a tile renovation. With discounted tiles from Trini Tile, you will be able to create the look you’ve always wanted in each of these places:

Bathroom Tiles

Glass tiles will match nicely as backsplash tiles behind the sink in your bathroom. Glass tiles are also available in different sizes and shapes to give the room the exact look you’re aiming for. It is important to note; bathroom tiles should always be durable and impermeable to water.

Kitchen Tiles

Subway tiles are an excellent choice for a kitchen backsplash because it gives the room a traditional look ideal for the dining experience. These tiles are affordable as well as stylish and elegant.

Living Room Tiles

The best tile option for your living room floor is ceramic tiles. It is important for floor tiles to be slip resistant and long lasting, which is exactly why ceramic tiles are the best choice for your living room. If ceramic tiles aren’t for you, then porcelain tiles can also be selected.

Outdoor Tiles

Outdoor tiles will create a completely new backyard or front yard experience. With the addition of outdoor tiles, you will no longer have to cut grass or spend time maintaining the grounds. You will also have an immediately stunning exterior.

Now that you’ve been inspired, here are some quick tips for installing tiles in your home:

  1. Use a vibrant tile on top of a blank slate to make the design eye catching.
  2. Colour coordinate rooms for a better overall aesthetic.
  3. More is not always better. Stay simple!

Our experts at Trini Tile can help you decide the perfect product that will match your room of choice. For more information about discounted tiles in Vaughan, please see our website or visit our store today.

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