How to Make a Small Room Look Bigger

2018 02 05

So you have purchased a new home and are now stuck with one tiny room that is not proportionate in comparison to the rest of the house? Adding an extension is likely over your budget and probably not worth the hassle. Fortunately, the small room does not have to be neglected because you can make it appear larger than its actual size. And lucky for you, we have the secrets on how to do so! Here are our tips:

  1. Two is better than one
    You may think it is a risky choice to install two kinds of tiles in the same room, but the contrast between glossy and matte will reflect against each other nicely making the light bounce off the walls, tricking the human eye into thinking the room is larger than it is. Mixing gloss and matte also creates a clean and shinier finish.
  2. Bigger is better
    Larger tiles widen out the room so it appears as though there is more space. This is because larger tiles have less grout lines and will elongate the room making it look less busy and crowded. A good tip is to match the colour of the grout lines with the tile you have chosen to blend them with, so it looks like one smooth surface.
  3. Design decisions
    Instead of sticking with the simple square shape, go in a different direction with your tiles, literally. A diagonal tile pattern creates the illusion of a longer and more open space while adding flare and style to the room. Positioning your tiles diagonally avoids the “boxed-in” effect, something that you want for a smaller room. This design is more visually appealing in terms of aesthetic and changes your perception of the entire room.
  4. Blending
    Having your walls and floor as two different colours cuts the room in half since there are multiple design elements to focus on. Blending the wall shades with the tile colour allows you to focus on one aspect of the room displaying a larger, more open concept.

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