How to add aesthetic to your walls

2018 06 12

Tiles come in all shapes, sizes, colours and materials, and there is no doubt that they can transform any space in your home. You don’t have to be limited to traditional uses of tile applications, be creative. Tiles can add texture, brighten up a room and provide an added three-dimensional effect.  You can add a little inspiration here and there with an array of tile options, so how could you not get creative with your home décor? Any one of these ideas can provide additional inspiration when thinking up small renovations. Introducing tile to your space can highlight the area or simply create focus where you want it.

  1. Picture Perfect - You know the saying: A picture is worth a thousand words? Tell stories by generating art within your tiled walls. You can create a picture by combining a variety of tile styles and colours to form a mural - use geometric shapes to design trees or have a series of flowers coming up the walls.
  2. Accent Piece - The best way to make your home stand out is to be unique with your décor. Choose a single wall that you think will grab the most attention when you have guests over and install your choice of tiles. Be creative with your accent wall and choose from Trini Tile’s wide selection of mosaic, granite or marble. This aesthetic can be done to complement your fireplace, or for the simple pleasure of decorating a plain wall, either way it adds character to your living space.
  3. The Drip Drop Effect - In the bathroom or shower area install long and thin tiles vertically on the wall so that it creates a dripping effect. To achieve the fullness of this effect, choose darker and lighter shades and place them asymmetrically along the wall. This trend also adds visual interest instead of the traditional classic bathroom designs and gives the room height. Glass tiles are the best option for this look since it has a crystal - like texture.
  4. Boarder Line - You can still install beautifully cut tiles in a limited but fashionable way with minimal investment Boarder tiles can create narrow lines that follow along the length of the room and because the design contrasts a solid base against the wall, it makes a bold statement. Subway tiles are an excellent choice if you are interested in installing a simple boarder line because the shape is usually rectangular, so it already has that box-cut structure to it.

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