How are Porcelain Tiles Made?

2017 10 31

Their Make

Porcelain tiles are made similarly to ceramic tiles, but there are distinct differences that make the product an excellent choice to have installed into your home. Like ceramic tiles, minerals and water are mixed together to form a smooth consistency. The difference is grinding beads - crushed cement - are added to the mixture, creating a tougher form. Once the mix is complete, pressure is applied by a machine to solidify the product. This is where porcelain tiles get their strength and stability. Porcelain tiles are completely dried from any excess water that is absorbed into the mixture because it lessens the chance of cracking. Once the tiles are glazed, they are placed into the kiln - a tile burning oven where the tiles are finalized and ready for installation.

Their Purpose

Although porcelain tiles are commonly associated with ceramic tiles because of their similar make, they actually serve a different purpose. The process of drying out the mixture before forming the tile ensures the final product is water resistant and prone to moisture. This is why porcelain tiles are extremely beneficial in your bathroom or kitchen. Porcelain tiles are durable and last longer than other tile products, which is why you can also install porcelain outdoors as well without having to worry about excess damage.

Their Appearence

Porcelain tiles are more refined and come in a variety of styles and patterns that can easily coordinate with your home’s interior design. If you like a statement look, then choose from the many tile colours and textures. Porcelain tiles obtain their unique appearance through the glazing process where a layer is placed on top before going into the kiln, and crafted into the preferred mould.

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