How are Ceramic Tiles Made?

2017 08 08

When it comes to choosing the perfect tile for your home, most of us pick the best-looking product without considering its background. Although you may not feel it is necessary to be informed, it is always a good idea to know what exactly you are installing into your home. At Trini Tile, we have the answers as to how ceramic tiles are made and which style is best suited for your home.

What are ceramic tiles?

Ceramic tiles are natural minerals - mainly clay based - mixed together until a sand or powder texture is formed. Different types of mixing machines can be used to create the product. A common one is an intensive mixture.

Sometimes in this process, water is added to the mixture to help break down the particles into a more compacted grind. The moisture is later absorbed by spray drying.

How do ceramic tiles get their shape?

The mixture is then pressed or moulded by a machine into the shape of a tile - the pressing method is more commonly used but is not necessarily more effective. After the tile obtains its shape, it is then brought to the glazing process where the decorative and colour aspect of the tile is imprinted.

The glazing step can be done in a variety of ways such as through a rotating mill - a waterfall that drips the glaze on top of the tile - or sprayed on. You do not have to get your tiles glazed; however, glazed tiles are stain resistant compared to non-glazed.

The finishing steps

Finally, the tiles are placed inside a kiln - a large oven designed for tile products that is controlled and monitored by a computer. The kiln melts the glaze into the tiles.

Two terms associated with firing glaze are monocottura and bicottura. Monocottura means “single-fired” and bicottura meaning “fired-twice” which is used for a more patterned application, but is not as strong as a single-fire.

Why choose ceramic tiles?

Ceramic tiles are one of the many popular choices for several reasons. Not only are they available in many beautiful styles, but the tiles are also easy to maintain and are moisture resistant.

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