Design Your Outdoor Space - Trini Tile Style

2018 05 24

Welcoming the month of May! The excitement of patio season is fast approaching and what better way to enjoy the beautiful weather than to sit outside and admire your surroundings. Having an attractive home exterior is important because the outside of your house says a lot about who you are. Installing tiles not only makes your home more attractive but it is also much safer. With the help of Trini Tile, you can choose from a variety of outdoor tiles that are slip resistant, moisture absorbent, durable enough to withstand harsh weather conditions and require minimal maintenance.

Trini Tile also has a variety of products that are most popular for outdoor spaces, they include: mosaic, porcelain and ceramic tiles, all of which can set the tone, whether you want a serene and extravagant atmosphere. Have some fun with your outdoor space this year and explore different style options that will undoubtedly complement your home. With Trini Tile, you can get the home you’ve always dreamed of at an affordable price, and without the hassle of a major renovation. So, what style is more for you?

The Simple Look:

Simple does not have to mean plain or boring, on the contrary, it portrays elegance and sophistication. If you want your home to have a modest appearance, natural toned tiles are the way to go. Ceramic and porcelain tiles come in a variety of patterns but because of their simple design, either one is a good choice for achieving this look. Patio furniture is a good way to create an accent piece and contrast the rest of your home’s exterior like, coloured pillows or couch cushions.

Be Extravagant:

Stand out by incorporating a range of different designs and textures from Trini Tile’s selection of mosaic tiles. Patterns are a great way to add creativity and excitement to your home. The mosaic tile is like a piece of art that automatically brightens up any space because of its decorative appearance. Mosaic tiles act as an eye-catching focal point and will make any outdoor area absolutely illuminating.


Out with the old, in with the new. In order to get your outdoor space to reach its full potential, you want it to appear unique in comparison to others. To do this, stay away from traditional tile designs. Transform the exterior of your home by choosing trendy tile products that will make a statement. A modern, yet contemporary look speaks for itself when welcoming guests, letting them know you are up-to-date on all the latest design trends. There are endless possibilities when it comes to contemporary styles but the best way to achieve this look is to stick with similar shades - soft greys on both the floor and walls create a modernized aesthetic.

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