Creating a Patio Paradise with Tile

2019 07 19

Patio season is in full swing and summer is the perfect season to enjoy spending time outside with family and friends. Accessorizing for outdoor living is on trend and there are lots of great ways to not only enhance but enjoy your space. Tiles are one of the ways you can add style and elegance to any outdoor area of your new home.

As a tile importer, Trini Tile has some of the best Italian outdoor tiles at great prices, specifically, porcelain stone is a perfect option as it is one of the strongest tiles made and is anti-slip resistant. Trini Tile also offers plenty of other tile flooring options including mosaics, ceramics and subway tiles. Choose the finish that best reflects your personality and your style of living. Adding tiles of various shapes, colours and textures creates the perfect setting in your backyard, front yard or patio.

Benefits of Tile:

It is important to ensure that the tile you select can withstand freezing outdoor temperatures and moisture absorption. Trini Tile products are made to last long, are very durable and require low maintenance. This ensures you’ll get many years of enjoyment from any of the outdoor tiles you choose and its less work for you!

Tile Styles:

Any one of these ideas below can add another element of design to your décor choice of furniture, lighting and the overall look of your space.

  • Dazzle with Mosaics: Need a new look? Decorate your backyard space by installing mosaics around your pool deck.  Mosaic tiles can add a vibrant hint of colour or interesting texture in a unique and cost-efficient manner. You can create a dramatic look if you like or a modern look with a single colour tile. The choice is yours to make.
    Mosaic Pool Tiles
  • Super Simple: If you prefer a more neutral coloured tile that you can accessorize with outdoor furniture like wicker couches, patterned throw pillows or flowers. Then select a ceramic or porcelain tile - they are timeless and will complement all other elements on the patio.
  • European Chic: Take a trip to Italy just by stepping outside. Trini Tile supplies exquisite imported Italian tiles that truly make you feel as though you’re in a European paradise. When it comes to outdoor tiles you can be a little more daring with design. Achieve that European elegance with patterned tiles or for a more rustic look opt for geometric shapes and bold colours. If you want to highlight a small area on the main patio or in a niche with a bench, you may want to use mosaics to make a statement.

The result is limited only by your imagination. Trini Tile can assist you to bring your vision to life. For more information on outdoor tiles, visit our website at

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