Classic is the New Modern

2019 02 14

You can never go wrong with a classic design. Neutrals are great because the soft tones pair well with practically any design or colour. Classic tiles including, subway, ceramic, and porcelain are timeless and there are many areas throughout the house where they can be used and you do not worry about over doing it.

They set the stage

The good thing about going with a classic tile is that it makes everything else in your house pop out. For instance, if you are renovating around your fireplace then the style you choose will make the fireplace the main focus. Doing so, the tile acts as a complementary piece and does not take away from the rest of the room.

It’s all about shape.

Choosing shapes like hexagons and triangles add flare to the room and introduces a modern aesthetic to a classic design. When going with a classic design we recommend sticking with solid colours because it gives the area a fresh and clean appearance and doesn’t make the room look overly decorated. An all-white or grey kitchen is sophisticated and simple and will most likely be more affordable.

Classic stands the test of time.

Tiles are known for their durability, which means the classic / neutral look will always appear brand new because the style is so timelessly simple.  Going with a classic tile like ceramic or porcelain will last and save you on renovation costs over the years.

Target areas around the house when choosing a classic tile:

  • Bathroom: Light colours make the room appear larger and by going with a classic ceramic taupe or beige in a small area will open up the space a lot.
  • Kitchen: There is already so much going on in the kitchen with appliances, cookware and especially if you have a kitchen island, you do not want the space to appear cluttered or disorganized. A neutral backsplash or countertop is the perfect fix.
  • Patio: Dream of sunnier days and start thinking about the perfect patio setup with subtle but classy imported tiles. Having soft toned tiles allows you to get creative and colourful with your outdoor furniture.

This year, we’re bringing back the classic trends and altering what is considered traditional and making it the new modern.

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