Brighten Up Your Bathroom with Tiles

2019 03 19

Hello Spring! Open up your windows and let the sun shine in because a brighter home is a happier home. Natural sunlight is a great way to brighten up your space, but why be limited only when the sun is out? There are many ways you can create a cheerful bright atmosphere any day of the week.

Spring is a great time to brighten up your bathroom by replacing dark, dreary tiles with bright and lightly - coloured ones. Lighter colours are known to open up a space and stimulate a positive feeling. Porcelain, glass or mosaic tiles are artistic in their own right but do reflect light very well.  With great natural light from a sunny window or bright indoor lighting, tiles can enhance the room’s overall appearance. By adding decor items or plants is another way to complement the tiles and combined together can create your very own spa like bathroom.

The Gioia Vena Grigio tile collection has a natural shine. The pale white smooth tile is great on its own but when paired with beige linens, will create a relaxing serene mood and tie the entire room together. Light coloured tiles will expand and open the space making it feel larger than it is.

Similarly, the Crema Marfil Polish and the Rigato Beige porcelain tiles are super bright and give off a sense of airiness.  When you have such a bright backdrop in a bathroom fill a vase with coloured marbles, decorative stones or flowers to add a pop of colour and bring the space to life.

Rosa Beta is a decorative granite that naturally has a colourful base, so any colour you choose will inevitably brighten up the room. Feel free to place flowers or small greenery around the bathroom for an exotic touch.

Spring Cleaning

While you are being creative with brightening up your space you want to ensure you are also cleaning your tiles and grout properly with the right product. A clean space makes everything appear brighter. Simply mixing water and vinegar together is an effective way to get ride of unwanted marks or stains on the surface. Vinegar should not be used on marble as the solution will dissolve the minerals and get rid of its shine. It is important to wipe down the solution with a cloth after doing so. You can also purchase grout cleaner at your local home improvement retailer to ensure you’re cleaning it properly.  Be sure to test out the cleaner on a small area first before going forward with the product. Mold and mildew tend to build up wherever there is trapped steam so try cleaning both tiles and grout regularly.

For more tips on how to keep your tiles sparkling clean, feel free to read our previous blog on the Best Products for your cleaning your tiles.

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