4 Things You Should Consider Before Installing Tiles

2017 12 22

Before you begin your home renovation, it is important to consider every little detail when deciding to install tiles in your home. This will not only be beneficial for you, but also for the contractor doing the work because it will give them an idea on how to proceed with the project. It’s important to make sure you are staying on top of every step of the process to make sure everything runs smoothly and as easily as possible.

In case you are unsure with how to go about your home renovation, we have listed the top 5 things to consider before you install your tiles.

  1. Have you had any problems with your floors/walls before?
    If the reason you are choosing tiles for your home renovation is because you have had issues with your floors/walls before, then there could be more serious problems under the surface - most likely foundations problems. Laying down material without proper foundation inspection will cause problems later on like cracking and tile shifting. By having this checked out before hand, it will give you time to level out the structure and save you the hassle of re-doing the installation afterwards.
  2. Which room are you renovating?
    Essentially, every room in your house is different in both size and shape. Effectively planning out your space by taking measurements saves time when it comes to choosing a tile. You should consider the size of the tile to ensure everything looks proportionate in the room you choose to renovate.
  3. Are you choosing the right tile?
    Trini Tile offers a variety of tile options from ceramic, glass, porcelain and plenty more. Certain rooms are recommended to have specific tiles due to unbalanced moisture and humidity levels around the house. This is why speaking to a professional prior to installing your tiles is a good way to know the best options for your home.
  4. Do you have pets or children?
    If you have children or pets, or even both, they will most likely be running around the house with the potential of creating a mess. Ultimately, you want to choose a tile that will withstand these obstacles. One of the best choices is granite. Granite tiles have a hard surface that does not damage easily and are an excellent choice if you need a tough tile that is low maintenance and very durable.

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