4 Reasons Why You Should Install Tiles in Your Cottage

2018 08 13

Sit back, relax and enjoy the view surrounding your cottage. The scenery is beautiful, and we want to ensure you do not neglect decorating the interior of your space; because the view inside is also important. Some cottages tend to depict an old and tired looking appearance, but this doesn’t have to be the case. It is time to update your mini getaway home and add some personality to the space, and Trini Tile has the services to make it happen! Tiles are a great addition for your home away from home and can be just the update you’re looking for.

  1. Something Small - The process of installing tiles is quick and easy compared to other renovations, so you can have a beautifully decorated interior space without dealing with the stress of a complete demolition. Over the years, like most homes, cottages get worn down and complications arise, but tiles allow you to remodel your home with little effort and keeps it up-to-date with a brand-new look.
  2. Reliable - A benefit of upgrading your cottage is that it will be able to withstand changes in the weather. Over time, tiles maintain their look and form, so you do not have to worry about colour fading, and with regular cleaning you can avoid moisture and mold build up. Essentially, you already have to do a lot of cleaning when you are up north, so by tiling your floors, or even your walls, you can save time in tidying up for the weekend. The cottage is naturally a humid and damp setting and tiles have the durability to withstand these issues.
  3. Updates the décor  - The ‘rustic charm’ from the countryside is comforting because it gives off that homey feel; however, by modernizing your space you are creating an atmosphere that is brighter and more luxurious. Tiles maintain a polished look that will make the room look clean. Your cottage need not look dark and dingy - rather, introduce some bright tiles here and there. Tiles have a dual purpose - easy to clean and update your décor.
  4. Good for Growing Families - Nothing says family fun more than spending time up at the cottage together. Upgrading your cottage maintains its use and will be valuable in the future as well.

Where Should You Add Tiles?

Ideally, good spots to tile your cottage are in the kitchen, bathroom and living/family room - but you are not limited to these areas. The bathroom, kitchen and living room are typically the areas that people frequent the most.  Add tiles to any of these areas to introduce pops of colour and easy to clean surfaces. Your home away from home deserves a new look and what better way to introduce tiles - they can be subtle or bold, monochromatic or mosaic in approach; and either way, your cottage will have a vibrant and inviting atmosphere. Consider a classy backsplash in the kitchen and bathroom or tile frame around the fireplace - all can update your décor while still conveying style and maintaining that cozy cottage feel. A wide variety of tile designs that are obtainable at Trini Tile.

Some things to keep in mind while planning, here are some design ideas

  • Choose darker shades like browns or greys to stick with the theme of an outdoorsy, rustic feel.
  • Subway tiles give off that traditional look because of its simplistic design and shape, which is a perfect reflection of a cottage and perhaps in the kitchen.
  • Tile door frames and baseboard trims! Outlining your wall or door frame with tiles emphasizes the design features and acts as a beautiful accent piece.

Add a personal touch of décor to your cottage and see what a difference it makes. For more information on discounted tiles in Vaughan, visit our website at www.trinitile.com or come in to the store today!

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