3 Reasons Why Tiles are Better When Designing a Home Wine Cellar

2019 11 18

Did someone say wine o’clock? Pumpkin spice season is over, which means it is time to begin planning for the holidays. This year bring in the cheer with a glass of wine right from home. Whether it be for the red & white season or a spontaneous gathering, save yourself the trip to the liquor store and instead install a tiled wine cellar in your home to add to your bottle collection.

There is a lot to consider when creating an in-house cellar. Your wine is valuable, and you want to protect it, which is why you need to build a substantial space to preserve it, especially if you want to test the oenophile in you and expand your wine collection. There is no better way to do that than with gorgeous imported Italian tiles.

Why is flooring important in your wine cellar? Wine needs to be stored in cold temperatures. It improves with age, so ideally you want to conserve it for a long time. Tiles give you the durability needed to ensure you’re creating the best environment.

Here are 3 reasons why using tiles is best for designing a luxury wine cellar in a small space.


Often, wine cellars are built in a basement due to its colder environment, but with tiles, you can build it anywhere in the house! Tiles have a strong, durable surface that can withstand extreme temperatures. Consider granite or marble for function and aesthetic, as these products will also contribute to maintaining temperature control.


The beauty of having a home wine cellar is the freedom to design it how you like. Are you a traditional or rustic décor type person, or do you prefer more modern styles? Trini Tile offers a variety of tile products that will enhance your wine cellar. Appearance is important when creating a wine cellar as it is a way to express your love for wine. If you want to design a unique space on a budget, use mosaic tiles and produce a mural or accent wall.


Increase the value of your home and give it that ‘wow factor’ the moment someone walks in. People will be more interested in buying and paying more for a home that comes constructed with a built-in wine cellar. Install upscale wine racks that hold the finest red, white and rosé wines; including Merlots, Pinot Grigio and Prosecco.

Home is where the wine is. Contact Trini Tile today and bring out your inner connoisseur by designing the perfect wine cellar with tiles. Visit our showroom at 8400 Jane Street or send us a note at [email protected].

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