How to Renovate your Home with Tiles

2017 08 31

The perfect way to create a more stylish look within every room in the home is with the addition of new tiles from Trini Tile. Now is the time to renovate! Trini Tile provides their customers with a variety of tile options in different colours and patterns.

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How are Ceramic Tiles Made?

2017 08 08

When it comes to choosing the perfect tile for your home, most of us pick the best-looking product without considering its background. Although you may not feel it is necessary to be informed, it is always a good idea to know what exactly you are installing into your home. At Trini Tile, we have the answers as to how ceramic tiles are made and which style is best suited for your home.

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Which Bathroom Tiles are Best?

2017 07 26

Choosing your bathroom tiles requires a lot of attention. Due to the moisture in the room you want to ensure you are choosing a tile that will be long-lasting and durable because not all types can handle water spots. This means you must be informed about the benefits of each types of tile and the reasons why you should choose a certain tile. Follow these guidelines in order to select the tile best suited for your bathroom!

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How to Deal with Stressful Home Renovations

2017 07 12

Home remodels are known to be chaotic - the inevitable process of living in a construction site for months can only be dealt with by simply waiting for the project to finish. Do not worry though - we can help you get through this rough time and prevent you from having a breakdown when it comes to renovating. Just make sure to follow these tips:

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Why Use Ceramic Tiles in your Home?

2017 06 30

When planning a home renovation, ceramic tiles are among the most popular and common choices, for many reasons. They have a long list of pros that make them suitable for lots of different areas and renovations. Clay-base ceramic tiles are a great option for bathrooms, kitchens and many other parts of the home. There are so many reasons to choose ceramic tiles for your renovation! Here are just some of the reasons to choose them:

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Tile Trend Spotlight: Mosaic Tiles

2017 06 20

Each year, there are certain tile trends that take home renovations by storm and inject a new element of design into the home. This year, mosaic tiles are one of these popular styles that will offer personality in any room of your home for a long time to come.​

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Outdoor Tiles: Perfect for Maintenance

2017 06 01

The time has come to start planning for the warmer season! If there were anything you would like to change about your yard, this is the time to do it. One thing we hear time and time again from our customers is how hard it is to maintain the lawn. So much of your summer time is used up watering and cutting the grass. If you switch over to outdoor tiles, this is no longer a problem you will have to worry about.

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Princess Margaret Home Lottery Grand Prize Showhome Tiles Supplied by Trini Tile

2017 05 10

Every year, Princess Margaret Cancer Centre hosts their Home Lottery in support of cancer research. There’s no other lottery like it, especially when the proceeds go towards such a great cause.

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Cleaning your Kitchen Tile Backsplash

2017 04 21

Having a tile backsplash is a beautiful addition to the kitchen, but we all know that it won’t be perfect forever without the right maintenance. The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house, and for good reason. This is where we do the cooking, baking and spending time with our friends and family. In the process of all this, it’s almost inevitable that your backsplash tiles will end up dirty or greasy.​

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Find An Assortment of Tiles at Trini Tile!

2017 03 21

Whether you’re looking to renovate your bathroom, kitchen, floor or fireplace, Trini Tile has all the tiles you will need right here in Vaughan at a discount price. Each type of tile has a long list of benefits that will make them perfect for your home.

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Types of Backsplash Tiles

2017 01 31

Backsplashes are able to take a room and transform it into something completely different. Whether it’s the kitchen or the bathroom, selecting backsplash tiles is an integral part of the final product. However, there are so many options that sometimes it might seem impossible to choose! However, it always comes down to personal and preference and what works best for the room you are designing.

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The Many Reasons to Choose Porcelain Tiles

2016 12 01

One of the most popular tiles that our customers come in looking for is porcelain tiles. Whether you are renovating the bathroom, kitchen, outdoors, or any other part of the home, porcelain tiles have so many appealing qualities that make them an easy choice to go with.

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Stay Warm during the Fall Season

2016 11 04

With fall upon us, that means the weather is getting cooler and the days are feeling shorter. You may be spending a little more time within your house, trying to feel as cozy as possible. For many of us, the fall season is our favourite because we enjoy the comfort of snuggling up in a blanket and enjoying a good book or spending well needed time with loved ones.

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Preparing for a Bathroom Tiles Renovation

2016 09 14

Bathroom renovations are always an exciting new task, but they can also seem stressful at times. There is a lot of planning, time and effort that is involved in perfecting the new look, especially when the renovation involves bathroom tiles. We believe it is extremely important to be prepared before the renovation begins, especially in the following areas.

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What Kitchen Tiles Work Best?

2016 08 19

The kitchen is often considered the most important room in the house. It is used just about every day of the year and for that reason it should be the most durable and comfortable it can possibly be. Tiles are a perfect choice for the kitchen, as they are both long-lasting and functional in this busy environment. Whether you desire a modern style or a more traditional look in your kitchen, tiles are available in a multitude of patterns to meet all stylistic preferences.

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Why Should You Use Fireplace Tiles?

2016 07 23

Your fireplace is almost always the focal point of a room! It is where the guests gather around to enjoy each other’s company and a great design can make a big impact on the atmosphere. It is important to consider just what type of look you want for your fireplace and how to turn it into a reality.

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What type of shower tiles should I use?

2016 07 06

Bathroom renovations can be stressful, so we want to make it just a little bit easier for you! We know that one of the biggest questions people ask during this makeover is what type of shower tiles are the best fit to use? Well, there are a few options that you can go with.

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What to Use Outdoors: Porcelain Tiles or Ceramic Tiles?

2016 06 10

It’s that time of year! Everyone is looking to renovate their backyards and front porches. Outdoor tiles are a necessity during your renovation, but you may be unsure of what type you want to use. Ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles are both good options, but it is important to look at the concerns of each.

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